01.00 Momentum Help Request        
02.00 JECJEF Special Events        
03.00 The Pro Bono Correspondence  
04.00 Model Store Contents & Design
05.00 Momentum Help Request Summary

M O M E N T U M   H E L P   R E Q U E S T

|Currency in USA dollars $ and British pounds £| 

The request is based on the book of James of The Holy Bible & Matthew 6:33 of The Holy Bible. The resources are scheduled to be used for  
The James Edward Curtis Jr Education Foundation including 
The Enduring Faith Center 

The GOAL is to momentum 

01.00 JECJEF outreach building 
02.00 clients
03.00 members 
04.00 interns
05.00 resources

The purpose is the higher quality of life of others based on            
1 Corinthians 13:13 of The Holy Bible and The book of James of 
The Holy Bible

The METHODS include
07.00 $£$£ Tours based on Matthew 28:19-20 of The Holy Bible, including 

07.01 bag of 312 dvds cds
07.02 manuals
07.03 Bible Commentary
07.04 History of Christianity
07.05 Who Was Jesus 
07.06 select faith books
07.07 computers
07.08 music
07.09 jumbo banana bags

07.10 certificates, strategic plans, brochures, resumes, business cards, business plans

07.12 car 
07.14 chairs
07.15 storages,  shelves
07.16 tent

07.17 purrells, condoms

07.18 discount socks
07.19 discount clothing, photo collages, dollar faith literature 
07.20 discount anointing oil, renewal kit

07.21 prepacked food, prepared cold food, 
07.22 prepacked water, prepacked juice 
07.25 cooler
07.26 frozen packs 
07.27 prepacked fruit/cups
07.28 prepacked James candies 

07.30 prepared speeches/words of encouragement

08.00 $£$£ Video
09.00 $£$£ Interview
09.20 $£$£ Evangelize

10.02 to request viewing of JECJEF.NET
10.04 to request contribution $£$£
10.06 to request outreach volunteerism

J E C J E F   S P E C I A L   E V E N T S

James E Curtis Jr is seeking resources for JECJEF Special Events

01.00 JECJEF is The James Edward Curtis Jr Education Foundation
      including The Enduring Faith Center, presented at jecjef.net
JECJEF Special Events
      reasonable rates! just ask!

The JECJEF Libraries, The JECJEF Paraphernalia, & 
The JECJEF special events equipment includes

02.70 Bag, green
03.70 Banner stands, horizontal, 2; 2 black bags
04.60 Banner stands, vertical, 2; 2 black bags
05.60 Canopy, white
05.80 Canopy screens, white, black bag
06.87 Barrel, green; disposable bags, foggy clear
07.20 Chair, foldable, black grey, black bag
08.00 Comforter, green
09.41 Rug, oval, green brown white
09.44 Tarp, clear
10.00 Table, foldable, 2 interior tables, green; green bag

11.77 Bag,green

11.79 Pre-packaged candy/wafers, pre-bottled/boxed beverages
11.87 Coin operated candy dispenser

11.80 Pre-packaged 1st Aid, pre-packaged sanitizers

11.84 Table, foldable, black; Chair, foldable, black; black bag
11.88 Donation Forms, Donation Receiving Container
11.89 Stand, white; 15 interior slots

11.94 Written-Typed Literature

12.00 Bag, green
14.20 Banners, horizontal, 2; white, JECJEF
14.40 Banner, vertical, black, JECJEF
14.60 Banner, vertical, purple, The Enduring Faith Center
17.30 Clothing, labeled, green bag
17.70 Clothing, unlabeled, green bag
18.70 Comforter, green
19.20 Stationary, paper, pens, electronics, dining
19.73 Violin, case, accessories
19.77 Violin accessories, stand, foldable, black, black bag
19.79 Violin accessories, sheet music books cds, 20; 
      1 cds case, 3 black bags, JECJEF bag

20.60 Bag, black
21.00 Acer computer, computer accessories
22.00 Earphones
23.00 Lamp, power packs
24.00 Microphone
26.00 Projector
27.00 Stereo, speakers


James E Curtis Jr is seeking resources and clients for 
The James Edward Curtis Jr Education Foundation

The Pro Bono Correspondence is based on 
The Holy Bible Matthew 25 35-40 James 1 1, 2 14-26

02.00 Business Momentum
03.00 Business Finances
04.00 Business Inventories
05.00 Executive Discussions
06.00 Portfolio Management
07.00 Operations Management
08.00 Organizational Structure
09.00 Strategic Business Plans
10.10 Web Design
10.20 Books/Magazines HTML-links DVDs/CDs Library Structures
11.00 Personal & Business Calendars
12.00 Resume Writing
13.00 Audio MP3 Graphic arts Videos Ringtones, Academic working papers
14.00 Arbitration Consulting
15.00 Praise Violin Soloist, Teacher 
16.00 DJ Moments, Sermons
17.00 Montage Manuscripts, Credits Counseling
18.00 Radio Show Organization

M O D E L   S T O R E   C O N T E N T S   &   D E S I G N

a design courtesy of roomarranger.com, edited by James E Curtis Jr

James E Curtis Jr is seeking resources for a Model of Store Contents of The James Edward Curtis Jr Education Foundation 

01.00 A model of the Store of The James Edward Curtis Jr Education Foundation   is based on Matthew 5 3-12A, James 1 1, 2 14-26, 5 14, Phillipians 4 13A of The Holy Bible

The model contents of The James Edward Curtis Jr Education Foundation has included

02.00 The Christian bookstore proposal, Renewal kit proposal

The model contents of The James Edward Curtis Jr Education Foundation has included

03.00 Christian sermons from The Christian bookstore proposal,                   
04.00 Religious jewelry, 

04.20 Juice boxes, Sugar wafers, Juice bottling bottles, Drinking mugs, Preservation containers, portions included in the Renewal kit proposal

04.80 Clear bags, 

04.85 Pens,

04.90 Religious clothing,devotionals, certificates, lamination, stationary, color/photo printing, publishing,& 
Religious-seemingly secular
books DVDs CDs 

The model contents of The James Edward Curtis Jr Education Foundation has 

07.00 a juice pasta soup bar, food outreach bags, food pantry, food prep

The model contents of The James Edward Curtis Jr Education Foundation has included 

09.40 a medicine chest

The model design of The James Edward Curtis Jr Education Foundation includes a 

10.01 sanctuary
10.02 classroom
10.03 library
10.04 computer lab
10.05 paper processing center
10.06 offices

10.07 parking
10.08 maintainence/mechanic shop
10.09 bus

10.12 storage

10.14 rest area
10.15 clothing storage
10.16 lounge
10.17 movie room
10.18 surfing stations

10.20 music listening rehearsal storage

10.24 kitchen
10.26 dining room

10.30 laundry room
10.40 toilet
10.50 bathing

10.60 mens' health room

10.70 gymnasium

10.80 outdoor entertaining

M O M E N T U M   H E L P   R E Q U E S T   S U M M A R Y

James E Curtis Jr is seeking currency resources, gift in kind equipment, 
gift in kind buildings, Write James E Curtis Jr at PO Box 3126 WDC 20010, Email James E Curtis Jr at jamesjr@jecjef.net, or 
Call James E Curtis Jr at 202 739-1962